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Job Search, Career, and Executive Coaching

Whether you’re looking for job or looking for an expert to help guide your career – your next step will always be your most important. And Mark Lauterbach program has helped people feel like their best self and achieve their goals.

Make your next step a step up.

Elevate your career with Mark Lauterbach’s elite job search coaching, a bespoke program crafted to land your ideal position. Benefit from an extensive suite of recorded video training, bolstered by both online and live personalized coaching support. Impacting thousands of people over his career and coaching, including people from ages 22 to 74, our program caters to a wide array of professional aspirations—whether you’re launching your career, navigating executive transitions, seeking employment, or pivoting to a new career path.

Available Programs

Career Coaching Programs
Career and Leadership Coaching

Focused on customized 1:1 coaching for the next step in your career, with supporting tools and resources. Includes Job search coaching.

Executive Coaching

By referral only. Similar to career coaching with a focus on executive leadership and navigating complicated corporate situations.

Job Search Accelerator Programs
Comprehensive 1:1 Coaching (Full package)

Individualized, full-package coaching.

1:1 Modules

Focused, topic-specific sessions (Creating a job search plan, interview coaching, etc.).

Bootcamp - Group Sessions

Group-based, collaborative learning.

Self-service (coming soon)

Self-guided, flexible learning.

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What value do people get, besides getting a job faster or higher income?

Unlocking potential and paving the way to career fulfillment—Mark Lauterbach’s programs are catalysts for professional transformation. Here’s how they’ve elevated careers:

  • Confidence Building – Data shows confidence is the #1 thing people struggle with in their job search. Gain the confidence to conduct an effective job search, leading you to opportunities that truly resonate with your worth and potential.
  • Career Strategy – Harness the power to proactively shape and chase a career that mirrors your passion and purpose, leading to a life of fulfillment and success.
  • Negotiation Skills – Master the art of negotiation, from the preliminaries to the closing stages, ensuring you’re compensated not just fairly, but generously.
  • Resume Crafting – Develop compelling resumes and personal branding materials, including cover letters and LinkedIn profiles, that command attention and open doors.
  • Job Market Strategy – Navigate the job market with a tailored approach, positioning yourself for the roles you aspire to, beyond just the ones that are advertised.
  • Interview Mastery – Become adept at acing interviews of any format—phone, in-person, panel, or virtual—preparing you to shine in any evaluative scenario.
  • Networking Skills – Learn networking strategies that not only aid in landing your dream job swiftly but also help forge long-lasting, valuable professional relationships.

Testimonials and Success Stories

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I was able to rewrite my resume so it was a lot more focused on the job I really wanted, as well as easily editable for different job postings. The community didn't feel like an AA meeting where people just handed out business cards and you never heard from them before... because we spoke every week, it really felt supportive like a real friendship.
Tina H.Packaging and Design
When I first heard about the Job Search Accelerator, I was very skeptical. I had heard a lot of repetitive, irrelevant things about job search. But Mark said something that really stood out to me - the #1 thing people struggle with in their job search is confidence. No one else was talking about or dealing with the psychology of job search. Because I focused on building my confidence, I was a lot more successful in my job search than I would have been otherwise. I found the program really addresses every area you would need to have a successful job search.
Mitchel F.Director of Marketing
Mark gives you a lot of ideas because he's very experienced as a recruiter, a hiring manager, and a job seeker. He knows the whole sequence front-and-back. And the team you join helps in developing long-term, beneficial relationships with people that can help you get over the hurdles you'll inevitable encounter in your job search.
Kevin T.Product Management
Mark is truly knowledgeable about job search success. After following Mark’s advice, I saw an increase in both the views I received on LinkedIn, and the phone calls I received from employers. His Job Search Accelerator Process assisted me in learning about common mistakes that are made during an employment search and how to correct them. The content provided by Mark is timeless. I would highly recommend Mark’s services to anyone that wants to increase the effectiveness of their employment search and get the right job quickly!
John L.Data Engineer