About the Job Search Accelerator

Job Search Accelerator - The System That Works

There is a lot of advice given about job search - but does it work? More than advice, this is a system that works. It is a process that takes you step-by-step - helping you understand the what, why, and how of job search. You can avoid being overwhelmed by choosing what to do by yourself, paralyzed by indecision! The system works so you can get to work.

In the Job Search Accelerator system, you will learn practical, tactical steps to take, not just general principles of a good job search.

Discover the Right Path in Your Job Search

"Apply online and only speak to HR"? No, if you are even that lucky. "Networking is good!" Sure, but it's not that simple.  It's not just about doing the right things either - you need to do those  things correctly and in the right order. The Job Search Accelerator helps you get the methods and timing right.

Job search books may be outdated by the time they are published! Successful job search processes are evolving at a fast pace.

You will also experience regular updates that help ensure this program is always up to date based on the successes and experiences of job seekers in this program. Real-time comments, feedback, and updates are part of this platform, giving you what works right now.

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Confidence, Clarity, and Community in Your Job Search

Most job seekers'  biggest obstacle in their job search: themselves, typically due to lack of confidence. Isolation feeds that lack of confidence.

Use this system and you will gain confidence, clarity, and community for your job search. These are absolutely essential for landing work where you want to be, and they have little to do with your resume or interview skills.

  • Confidence - Most, if not all, job seekers must deal with low levels of confidence at one or many points in the process. This system helps you confront these issues and build resilience. If you know what to expect, it won't deflate your burgeoning confidence.
  • Clarity - Do you know exactly what you want to do? Moreover, do you know what you don't want to do? It's important to narrow your focus in your job search and avoid chasing opportunities that aren't for you in the first place. Your time and energy are limited!
  • Community - Gather your confidence and clarity alongside those dealing with the same challenges you are. Whether you are introverted or extroverted, fellow job seekers are a tremendous resource to help you can succeed. Benefit from our in-person, teleconference, or online group activities.

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Attract an Employer While You Sleep

How can you best use passive resources and communication skills to build your reputation? This system covers all areas of job search, including tools and methods for self-promotion.

You will learn how to present yourself in person, in writing, and in pictures to maximize your reputation. Networking is not about who you know but who knows you and what you want to do. If you maximize your reputation, others will talk about you when you are not around. Good impressions and effective communication create lasting impressions. You will also learn how to tweak your strategies for recruiters, fellow job seekers, decision-makers, and others.

Because these methods are tested and modified based on what's currently working the job market, not from a book with 5-year-old information, you will experience and build confidence. People who use this system have seen outcomes they want and deserve. Confidence is a critical element of success in your job search, revealing itself in interviews and networking.

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About Mark - Job Search Architect and System Inventor

Mark Lauterbach has been a job seeker, hiring manager, C-level executive, and owner of his own successful recruiting agency. This includes reviewing over 150,000 resumes.

The result of all this experience? Mark decided to create this system for himself in 7 job searches over 20 years - helping propel mark to a C-suite position at a major manufacturing supplier.

When Mark first began offering this system, 90% of the first group of job seekers found jobs within 11 weeks. While results vary, Mark knew he was on to something big.

Mark knows how to job search effectively because he has done it well himself. Whether you are still employed, experienced a painful termination, or been on the receiving end of a round of layoffs, Mark has been there.

By writing a plan, you begin with the end in mind, create Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and build accountability. This accelerates the success of any job search Mark created this system in part as a reaction to the career coach industry. Many career coaches “tack-on” job search assistance when it may not be their specialty.

Have a job you like but want to improve your situation? You can learn more about Mark's career coaching services by writing us at at info@jumpuptheladder.com