Testimonials and Success Stories

I was able to rewrite my resume so it was a lot more focused on the job I really wanted, as well as easily editable for different job postings. The community didn't feel like an AA meeting where people just handed out business cards and you never heard from them before... because we spoke every week, it really felt supportive like a real friendship.
Tina H.Packaging and Design
When I first heard about the Job Search Accelerator, I was very skeptical. I had heard a lot of repetitive, irrelevant things about job search. But Mark said something that really stood out to me - the #1 thing people struggle with in their job search is confidence. No one else was talking about or dealing with the psychology of job search. Because I focused on building my confidence, I was a lot more successful in my job search than I would have been otherwise. I found the program really addresses every area you would need to have a successful job search.
Mitchel F.Director of Marketing
Mark gives you a lot of ideas because he's very experienced as a recruiter, a hiring manager, and a job seeker. He knows the whole sequence front-and-back. And the team you join helps in developing long-term, beneficial relationships with people that can help you get over the hurdles you'll inevitable encounter in your job search.
Kevin T.Product Management
I tried this for 9 months on my own, and that was going nowhere. Things really started to happen after I met with Mark and joined the group. It was invaluable in finding my job. My attitude changed drastically. Anyone who tries to do this on their own I think will find it much more difficult than working with someone who has been in the trenches and has great advice. Being in a group, you can understand there are people going through the same things you are and share in the highs and lows that come with a job search.
Rod S.Supply Chain Management
Working with Mark has not only helped me in this job search, but also helped greatly in my career in general. Moving forward I have a better understanding what I actually bring to the market, both to the specific company that I want to work for and to the community in general. I couldn’t had done it without Mark. I have 20 years of experience in startup companies and it really took working with Mark in order to have a clear picture of what I was really good at and where I really want to position myself in my next job opportunity.
Lynette S.Executive
Mark is truly knowledgeable about job search success. After following Mark’s advice, I saw an increase in both the views I received on LinkedIn, and the phone calls I received from employers. His Job Search Accelerator Process assisted me in learning about common mistakes that are made during an employment search and how to correct them. The content provided by Mark is timeless. I would highly recommend Mark’s services to anyone that wants to increase the effectiveness of their employment search and get the right job quickly!
John L.Data Engineer
The Job Search Accelerator process that Mark provides in truly unique! I used this training and quickly started to get interviews and this system guided me through the whole process! You get results quickly using the Job Search Accelerator! I wish I had found this sooner in my job search. I would have had less frustration and better results. Don’t try to do this on your own; get the Job Search Accelerator and work the system to success.
Shawn F.Program Manager
If you are looking for a new opportunity, I highly recommend Mark’s Job Search Accelerator. It is a proven program and positive approach. It helped me land an exciting new job in an industry in which I am passionate and for a salary and benefits package that I really did not think was going to happen considering my change in industry. THANKS MARK!!!!
Craig G.Software Developer